High-quality and convenient continuing education classes for Beauty Professionals

Nail Tech Courses

3D Acrylic

Mixed Techniques

Mixed Techniques: The latest in runway trends in the industry about types of nails, color: degradation of tones and transparency,  and types of designs and effects, such as encapsulated.

Facial Courses

Master Class BB Glow

Semi-Glow makeup treatment (Included Kit and Certificate)


Exfoliation with Surgical Blade (Included Kit and Certificate)


Diamond tip exfoliation (Included Kit and Certificate)


Exfoliation and treatment with needles (Included Kit and Certificate)

Hydrofacial, RF, Microcurrent

Excellent for all skin types (Included Kit and Certificate)


Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup, Hair to Hair. (Included Kit and Certificate)

Skin Analysis and Protocols

Learn to recognize skin types. (Included Kit and Certificate)

Eyelash Lift and Tint

Eyelash Lifting and Lengthening. (Included Kit and Certificate)

Stretch Camouflage

Through permanent makeup. (Included Kit and Certificate)

Capacitation in Acids

Procedures using treatment with acids. (Included Certificate)

LED Light Therapy

Procedures to use the LED light. (Included Certificate)

Eyebrow design and Henna

Cleaning with wax and fill with henna. (Included Certificate)

Microneedling with Plasma PRP

Manipulation of blood and use the plasma gel for the facial treatment. (Included Certificate) * Recommendation to be a Phlebotomist

Microneedling for stretch marks

Minimize the appearance of stretch marks. (Included Certificate)

Eyelash Extension

hair by hair (Included Kit and Certificate) Hyaluron Pen – Injection without Needles for lip filler and wrinkle filler (Included Certificate)

Academic Programas