Student Information

at Latin Beauty Academy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Latin Beauty Academy provide the following general categories information, which is used as a notice to enrolled students:

  • General disclosures for enrolled or prospective students;
  • Annual security report and annual fire safety report;
  • FERPA information (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974.

Purpose of FERPA Regulations

Rights of Parents

Rights of Students

Annual Notification

Limitations on the Right to Inspect and Review Records

Parent or Eligible Student Request Amendment of the Student's Education Records

Conditions Does Parents or Eligible Students have the Right to a Hearing

Minimum Requirements Exist for the Conduct of a Hearing

Conditions Prior Consent Required to Disclose Information

Conditions Prior Consent Not Required to Disclose Information

Recordkeeping Requirements Concerning Requests and Disclosures

Limitations to the Re-disclosure of Information

Conditions to Disclosure of Information to Other Educational Agencies or Institutions

Conditions to Disclosure of Information for Federal or State Program Purposes

Conditions to Disclosure of Information in Health and Safety Emergencies

Conditions to Disclosing Directory Information

Conditions to Disclosure of Information as Permitted by State Statute Adopted After November 19, 1974, Concerning the Juvenile Justice System

Definitions to the Nonconsensual Disclosure of Records by Postsecondary Educational Institutions in Connection with Disciplinary Proceedings Concerning Crimes of Violence or Non-Forcible Sex Offenses

Responsibility of Latin Beauty Academy Concerning Conflict with State or Local Laws

Information Submitted to the Department of Education

Investigation Procedure

Content of the Notice of Investigation Issued by the Office

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