Financial Aid

at Latin Beauty Academy

Default Prevention Plan

Latin Beauty Academy is committed to assisting and educates students and parents about their loan repayment obligation, encouraging them for getting a successful repayment, and prevents delinquent repayment. Our institution employs evaluation, prevention, and outreach activities to work in advance to reduce the risk of default by our borrowers. The Institution’s Default Prevention Plan will allow to our school, as needed, in managing our cohort default rates. Our institution in this matter is focused on implement effective and easy tools that reduce defaults, promote student and school success, help preserve the integrity of the loan programs, and reduce costs to taxpayers are available to our school.

The objectives for our Institution’s Default Prevention Plan are:

  • Identify the factors causing the default rate to exceed the threshold.
  • Establish measureable objectives and the steps the institution will take to improve its cohort default rate.
  • Specify the actions the institution will take to improve student loan repayment.

Default Prevention and Management Plan

Program-Specific Requirements

Benefits of Adopting a Default Prevention and Management Plan

Consequences of Default for Borrowers

Early Stages of Enrollment

Entrance Counseling

Financial Literacy for Borrowers

Early Identification and Counseling for Students at-Risk

Communication Across Campus

Default Prevention and Retention Staff

Late Stages of Enrollment

Exit Counseling


Timely and Accurate Enrollment Reporting

After Students Leave School

NSLDS Date Entered Repayment (DER) Report

Early Stage Delinquency Assistance (ESDA)

Late Stage Delinquency Assistance (LSDA)

Maintain Contact with Former Students

Loan Record Detail Report (LRDR) Data Review

Analyze Defaulted Loan Data to Identify Defaulter Characteristics

Enhanced Entrance and Exit Counseling

Information about Repaying the Loan

Reminders about Personal Financial Management and Title IV Loans

Tools and Activities Implemented by Latin Beauty Academy

Default Prevention and Management Activities

Track and Manage the Student Loans



Latin Beauty Academy Also Advises to Our Borrower Students Based on the Following:


1. How Do I consolidate My Loans?

2. Who is eligible for loan consolidation?

3. What is PUT program?

4. How Do I Repay My Student Loans?

5. When Should I begin Repaying my Loans?

6. What Repayment Plans Are Available to Me?

7. What is Loan Default?

8. What if I Default on My Loan?

9. Consequences of Default

10. How Do I get Help with My Loan Problems?

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