Student and Staff Consumer Information

at Latin Beauty Academy

Latin Beauty Academy provides current and potential information for students and their families.

The institution also offers a variety of information to employees and to the Department of Education. In this document, all will know the information that has to be provided, as well as the ways in which the school provides the information. Some of the information that is required to be provided may not be information maintained by the Financial Aid Office. It is the entire school’s responsibility to ensure that all program laws and regulations are followed.

Our school administrators work together to ensure that all consumer information is properly prepared and provided to students, families, and employees.

Our school supported on FSA Assessments Consumer Document introduces students, parents, and employees to a description of how and when the information is provided.

Dissemination of Information

Depending on the requirement, our school provides information to students and employees using the following options:

  • School catalog
  • School Web site
  • School reports

Institutional Information

Latin Beauty Academy makes information available to prospective and enrolled students regarding:

  • The price of attendance, including tuition and fees; books and supplies; and board; transportation costs; and any additional costs for a program in which the student is enrolled or expresses an interest;
  • Facilities and services available to students with disabilities, including students with intellectual disabilities;
  • A statement of the school’s transfer of credit policies that includes:
  • Names of associations, agencies, or governmental bodies that accredit, approve, or license the school and its programs.
  • Procedures for obtaining or reviewing documents describing accreditation, approval, or licensing.

Latin Beauty Academy provides to every student upon enrollment, a separate, clear, and conspicuous written notice with information on the penalties associated with drug-related offenses. Schools must also make available to prospective and enrolled students information about:

  • Information about student body diversity including the percentage of enrolled, full-time students in the following categories:
  • Male
  • Female
  • Self-identified members of a major racial or ethnic group
  • Federal Pell Grant recipients

Refund Policies and Withdrawal Requirements

Latin Beauty Academy has available information to prospective and enrolled students regarding:

  • The school’s refund policy
  • Requirements and procedures for official withdrawal
  • Requirements for Return of Title IV, HEA grant, or loan aid

Completion, Graduation, and Transfer-out Rates

Latin Beauty Academy discloses information about its completion or graduation rate, retention rates, and its transfer-out rate, if applicable. This information is provided in each student orientation, as well as in required school documents. In the case of a request from a prospective student, the information is always available prior to the student’s enrolling or entering into any financial obligation with the school. Our institution also discloses information on the placement of, and types of employment obtained by, graduates of its academy programs.

Gainful Employment

Latin Beauty Academy discloses the following information regarding Gainful Employment programs:

  • The name and U.S. Department of Labor’s Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code of the occupations that the program prepares students to enter, along with links to occupational profiles on the U.S. Department of Labor’s O*NET Web site
  • The normal time to complete the program
  • The on-time graduation rate for students completing the program
  • The tuition and fees the institution charges a student for completing the program within normal time
  • The typical costs for books and supplies, and the cost of room and board, if applicable
  • The job placement rate for students completing the program
  • The median loan debt incurred by students who completed the program (separately by Title IV loans, private educational loans, and by institutional financing)

Copyright Infringement

Latin Beauty Academy annually makes available to current and prospective students the school’s policies and sanctions related to copyright infringement, including:

  • A statement that explicitly informs staff, faculty, and students that unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, including unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing, may subject them to civil and criminal liabilities.
  • A summary of the penalties for violation of federal copyright laws.
  • The school’s policies with respect to unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing, including disciplinary actions taken against students who engage in illegal downloading or unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials using the school’s information technology system.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

Latin Beauty Academy annually distributes in writing to each student and each employee:

  • Standards of conduct that clearly prohibit the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees on the school’s property or as part of any of the school’s activities;
  • Descriptions of applicable legal sanctions under state, local, and federal law;
  • Description of health risks;
  • Description of available counseling, treatment, rehabilitation, or re-entry programs;
  • Clear statement that the school will impose sanctions for violation of standards of conduct and a description of sanctions.

Our institution distributes to students who enroll and/or employees who are hired after the annual the information described above making sure that each of them receive and understand this information.

Academic Programs

Our school makes information available to prospective and enrolled students about the academic program of the school, including:

  • Current academic programs;
  • Instructional and laboratory;
  • Faculty and other instructional personnel;
  • Academic improve.

Textbook Information

  • Latin Beauty Academy discloses in the school catalog all information regarding to textbook used for each academic program.

Academic Improvement Plans

  • Latin Beauty Academy makes available to current and prospective students SAP policies, as well as strategies for improving academic program.

Financial Assistance Information

Latin Beauty Academy disseminates information about financial assistance to all enrolled students and prospective students on request. Our school provides the following financial assistance information:

  • A description of all federal, state, local, private, and institutional student financial assistance programs (both need-based and non-need-based) available at the school;
  • How students apply for aid and how eligibility is determined;
  • How the school selects aid recipients and determines the award amounts;
  • Students’ rights and responsibilities.

Financial Aid Information

Our Department of Financial Aid is open and available during normal operating hours to help people obtain student consumer information, including current or prospective students. Latin Beauty Academy makes information available to prospective and enrolled students regarding:

  • All the need-based and non-need-based federal, state, local, private, and institutional student financial assistance programs available to students who enroll at the school
  • Terms and conditions of the Title IV, Higher Education Act (HEA) loans
  • Criteria for selecting recipients and for determining award amount
  • Eligibility requirements and procedures for applying for aid
  • Methods and frequency of disbursements of aid
  • Rights and responsibilities of students receiving Title IV, HEA student Financial Aid, including criteria for continued student eligibility and standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
  • Terms of any loan received as part of financial aid package, sample loan repayment schedule, and the necessity for repaying loans
  • The exit counseling information the school provides and collects

Private Education Loans

Latin Beauty Academy provides information regarding a private education loan from a lender to a prospective borrower, informing certain disclosures to the prospective borrower.

  • Provide the prospective borrower with the information the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System requires to be disclosed under section 128(e)(1) of the Truth in Lending Act (15 U.S.C. 1638(e)(1)) (scroll down to (e)).
  • Inform the prospective borrower that he or she may qualify for FSA loans or other assistance from the FSA programs, and that the terms and conditions of an FSA loan may be more favorable than the provisions of private education loans.
  • Ensure that the information regarding private education loans is presented in such a manner as to be distinct from information regarding FSA loans.

Net Price Calculator

Latin Beauty Academy has posted a net price calculator at the school Web site. It was set up with institutional data to provide estimated net price information to current and prospective students and their families based on a student’s individual circumstances. As required by the Department of Education, the net price calculator is a Title IV institutions tool.


Latin Beauty Academy prevents substantially misrepresenting the nature of its educational program, its financial charges, or the employability of its graduates. Our institution provides clear information to avoid misrepresentation, erroneous, or misleading statement made to a student or prospective student; to the family of an enrolled or prospective student; or ED. Substantial misrepresentation is any misrepresentation on which the person to whom it was made could reasonably be expected to rely, or has reasonably relied, to that person’s detriment.

Our institution according to 34 CFR 668.72 Nature of educational program recognizes that misrepresentation concerning the nature of an eligible institution’s educational program includes but is not limited to false, erroneous, or misleading statements concerning:

  • The particular type(s), specific source(s), nature and extent of our institutional for state license and/or specialized accreditation;
  • Whether a student may transfer course credits earned at the institution to any other institution;
  • Conditions under which the institution will accept transfer credits earned at another institution;
  • Whether successful completion of a course of instruction qualifies a student:
  • For acceptance to a labor union or similar organization; or
  • To receive, to apply to take, or to take the examination required to receive, a local, state, or federal license, or a nongovernmental certification required as a precondition for employment, or to perform certain functions in the states in which the educational program is offered, or to meet additional conditions that the institution knows or reasonably should know are generally needed to secure employment in a recognized occupation for which the program is represented to prepare students;
  • The requirements for successfully completing the course of study or program and the circumstances that would constitute grounds for terminating the student’s enrollment;
  • Whether its courses are recommended or have been the subject of unsolicited testimonials or endorsements by:
  • Vocational counselors, high schools, colleges, educational organizations, employment agencies, members of a particular industry, students, former students, or others; or;
  • Governmental officials for governmental employment;
  • Its size, location, facilities, or equipment;
  • The availability, frequency, and appropriateness of its courses and programs to the employment objectives that it states its programs are designed to meet;
  • The nature, age, and availability of its training devices or equipment and their appropriateness to the employment objectives that it states its programs and courses are designed to meet;
  • The number, availability, and qualifications, including the training and experience, of its faculty and other personnel;
  • The availability of part-time employment or other forms of financial assistance;
  • The nature and availability of any tutorial or specialized instruction, guidance and counseling, or other supplementary assistance it will provide its students before, during or after the completion of a course;
  • The nature or extent of any prerequisites established for enrollment in any course;
  • The subject matter, content of the course of study, or any other fact related to the degree, diploma, certificate of completion, or any similar document that the student is to be, or is, awarded upon completion of the course of study;
  • Information about our academic, professional, and occupational programs that our institution will confer upon completion of the program of study has been authorized by the appropriate state educational agency. This type of misrepresentation includes, in the case of a degree that has not been authorized by the appropriate state educational agency or that requires specialized accreditation, any failure by an eligible institution to disclose these facts in any advertising or promotional materials that reference such academic program; or
  • Any matters required to be disclosed to prospective students.

Latin Beauty Academy, according to the 34 CFR 668.73 Nature of financial charges, is clear and precise to the nature of:

  • Offers of scholarships to pay part of a program cost;
  • Whether a particular charge is the customary charge at the institution for a course;
  • The cost of the program and the institution’s refund policy if the student does not complete the program;
  • The availability or nature of any financial assistance offered to students, including a student’s responsibility to repay any loans, regardless of whether the student is successful in completing the program and obtaining employment; or
  • The student’s right to reject any particular type of financial aid or other assistance, or whether the student must apply for a particular type of financial aid, such as financing offered by the institution.

Latin Beauty Academy, according to the 34 CFR 668.74 Employability of graduates has not misrepresentation regarding the employability for graduates including but is not limited to false, erroneous, or misleading statements concerning:

  • The institution’s relationship with any organization, employment agency, or other agency providing authorized training leading directly to employment;
  • The institution’s plans to maintain a placement service for graduates or otherwise assist its graduates to obtain employment;
  • The institution’s knowledge about the current or likely future conditions, compensation, or employment opportunities in the industry or occupation for which the students are being prepared;
  • Whether employment is being offered by the institution or that a talent hunt or contest is being conducted, including but not limited to the use of phrases such as ‘‘Men/women wanted to train for * * *,’’ ‘‘Help Wanted,’’ ‘‘Employment,’’ or ‘‘Business Opportunities’’;
  • Government job market statistics in relation to the potential placement of its graduates; or
  • Other requirements that are generally needed to be employed in the fields for which the training is provided, such as requirements related to commercial driving licenses or permits to carry firearms, and failing to disclose factors that would prevent an applicant from qualifying for such requirements, such as prior criminal records or preexisting medical conditions.

Second: A separate provision permits a school to disclose to anyone the final results of any disciplinary hearing against an alleged perpetrator of a crime of violence where that student was found in violation of the school’s policy on the offense [34 CFR 99.31(a) (14)].

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